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"I ate too large portions and needed to lose weight but did not want to go on a diet. I had tried lots of different diets but just gained weight again after a while. I wanted to eat the same food as the rest of the family, but eat moderate and control my portions to go weight lose weight. With Mealsizer® I could do all that. Now I feel better, eat right and become satisfied after each meal. Also, I am more than 33 pounds (15 kilos) lighter."
"All children in treatment receive their own Mealsizer®, and several families have thought it was such a good help, so they have bought a Mealsizer to all other family members as well. We help these families to a healthier lifestyle"
“I use Mealsizer to make sure I get a balanced intake of food every day. When you have tried to lose weight all your life and have a damaged eating behavior, you can't always trust your brain and eye measure"
"Mealsizer® can be a good complement in the treatment of eating disorders. It can help patients to eat normal portions and feel safe with it, not having to worry about eating too much, which they often do because of their eating disorder"
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