Mealsizer® luxury protein porridge – several flavors!

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Oatmeal is a real “superfood”! Rich in fiber (oatmeal is pure whole grains), minerals, vitamins and antioxidants – also gluten-free. With Mealsizer® luxurious protein porridge, you get an extra healthy, high-fiber porridge, with three different lovely flavors, for a healthy start to the day or as a healthy snack or evening meal (174-191 kcal/portion). We have carefully tried out the best recipes, where we have not compromised on anything and only used the best ingredients, such as the finest oatmeal from Swedish fields.

Our porridge not only tastes good, it also contains extra protein, for a longer satisfaction. The smooth, mild taste makes it good to eat as it is, both hot and cold. Just add water – bring to a boil – enjoy!

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114.50 kr
114.50 kr

Mealsizer® is the healthy way to achieve your target weight and keep to it. Get enough satiety and energy with Mealsizer® protein porridge as a healthy start to the day, or as a healthy snack or evening meal. 

With Mealsizer meal measures, you only eat for lunch and dinner. In addition, it is important to also eat a healthy breakfast and inbetween meals/snacks, so that you feel long time saturation, and do not get hungry between meals. Find out more about breakfast and snacks with Mealsizer here.

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Check out when Simon cooks Mealsizer protein porridge with Mealsizer porridge cooker!

Mealsizer Delicious saffron scones

Ingredients (for 4 scones):

4 dl Mealsizer protein porridge saffron
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 dl of cottage cheese, kesella or sour milk
1 egg

Stir together, click out 4 equally large scones on baking paper and bake at 250 °C (480 °F) in approx. 12 minutes.
Enjoy with e.g. cream cheese and a yummy marmalade or jam you have at home!
For more recipes see @mealsizer at instagram

Weight1000 g

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