Mealsizer® Medium 2100 kcal/day

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Mealsizer® Medium is calculated to provide 2100 kcal/day.

The average woman’s daily energy requirement is 2100 kcal, while for the average man the equivalent figure is 2700 kcal per day. But we do not need to eat that exact amount of calories every day. Some days we can eat more, on other days less. It all depends on how physically active we are. It is the energy balance over an extended period of time that is the most important thing. Find out more about which size you should have here.


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Mealsizer® spaghetti measure

How much spaghetti to cook is often difficult to estimate, but the solution is simple - Mealsizer® spaghetti measure.

Now you never have to cook too much pasta again - With Mealsizer's practical and stylish spaghetti measure, you "pasta lovers" can easily measure up a decent portion of pasta when it's time for a delicious carbonara or pasta bolognese. A tool that should be in everyone's home!

Mealsizer® is the healthy way to achieve your target weight and keep to it. Consume just the right amount of food each meal, and enjoy new levels of energy. Small changes to your diet can significantly improve your health. You avoid having to weigh your food or count calories – simply enjoy your meal!

Mealsizer® is used for lunch and dinner and contains of three measures:

With the vegetable measure, the largest measure, you ensure that you receive a sufficient amount of the most important vegetables. With the middle measure for carbohydrates and the smallest measure for protein, you achieve the right distribution and amount of carbohydrates and protein. In the bottom of each measure, you can see if that particular measure applies to vegetables, carbohydrates or protein. 

You can eat more or less anything. It is good to vary your diet between different types of food. In addition to  lunch and dinner, you also eat breakfast as well as in-between meals/snacks to make sure you receive the right amount of energy. 

Weight150 g

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