Mealsizer® food diary

169.00 kr

Mealsizer® meal measure along with the Mealsizer® food diary  is the perfect combination of tools to help you to reach your target weight with and keep it!

With Mealsizer food diary, you can plan and monitor how you eat – reflect on your eating habits and other things happening every week – to get even more benefits from your Mealsizer meal measure. See sample images from the contents of the Mealsizer food diary in the picture gallery on the left.

Creating an awareness of what you eat is the first step towards a healthier life with the help of Mealsizer®. With the help of this diary together with your Mealsizer meal measure you can get a better understanding of  for eg. what food is good for you, how often you need to eat to maintain energy levels so you do not get hungry between meals etc. The diary lasts for 13 weeks.

Weight135 g
Dimensions150 × 210 cm

English, German, Swedish

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