Mealsizer® cooker + blueberry porridge

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Combine the simple with the healthy: With Mealsizer® protein porridge, you get an extra healthy, high-fiber porridge, with a lovely blueberry taste, for a healthy start to the day, as a healthy snack or evening meal. It also contains no added sugar and extra protein, for a longer satisfaction. Mealsizer® porridge cooker is the perfect complement, where you get the opportunity to do something else while your healthy breakfast gets prepared – then to enjoy a hot bowl of porridge with perfect consistency and taste.

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Mealsizer® is the healthy way to achieve your target weight and keep to it. Get enough satiety and energy with Mealsizer® protein porridge as a healthy start to the day, or as a healthy snack or evening meal. One potion of Mealsizer® blueberry porridge contains 174 kcal – 12.5 grams of protein, 22 grams of carbohydrates and 3.2 grams of fat. Read more about content below.

With Mealsizer meal measures, you only eat for lunch and dinner. In addition, it is important to also eat a healthy breakfast and inbetween meals/snacks, so that you feel long time saturation, and do not get hungry between meals. Find out more about breakfast and snacks with Mealsizer here.

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