Reach your target weight with Mealsizer®

With the Mealsizer® you will feel satisfied, you will have less of cravings for sweet things, and you will enjoy higher levels of energy. Mealsizer is simple to use and involves the following:

Eat five meals a day and feel good! Eat every three hours:

BREAKFAST                                   6am
SNACK                                              9am
LUNCH                                             12 noon
SNACK                                              3pm
DINNER                                           6pm

Only eat one portion per meal – place one portion onto your plate, and don’t take more food after you have eaten that portion (although it is OK to take more vegetables). Do not eat any extra snacks in between the scheduled five meals shown above.


Eat a healthy breakfast that will keep you satisfied for a long while. Whole grain products, low-fat dairy products, fruit and a few nuts or seeds are good components of a healthy breakfast.


Use Mealsizer® when you eat lunch and dinner. Set the table nicely, even during the week, and try to gather the entire family together for your meals. Eat slowly and enjoy your meal. Drink water with your meal. Eat more vegetables if you don’t feel full after your meal.

In-between meals/snacks and tea/coffee breaks:

Try to eat a piece of fruit at these times, perhaps with some sort of protein-rich product like cottage cheese or yoghurt.

Avoid buying crisps, candy, soft drinks and pastries. If you are offered pastries or candy by someone else: just take a very, very small amount.

Don’t skip a meal, because then you will become hungry!  

Admit your weakness for a certain type of food, and try to eat a healthier alternative instead:

  • Replace sandwiches with hard bread and soft cheese, ice cream with a low-fat smoothie.
  • It can be a good idea to keep some pre-peeled carrots on hand for when you get a craving for something to chew on.


Increase your stamina and energy consumption.

  • Walk for 1 hour a day.
  • Go to the gym/yoga/dance or jog 2 times a week.
  • Mealsizer® + Food diary

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