Mealsizer® can help you eat enough

Mealsizer® can be a good complement in the treatment of eating disorders. It can help patients to eat normal portions and feel safe with it, not having to worry about eating too much, which they often do because of their eating disorder.

With Mealsizer you can get an understanding of how much you should eat and of what should be included in a meal, neither more nor less, in order for you to get enough energy and nutrients to stay health. The measures give a normal sized portion of a lunch or dinner and makes it easy to put that portion of cooked food on the plate.

The sizes of the Mealsizer® measures have been calculated by a licensed dietitian in order to provide a normal portion for a person who uses a normal amount of energy, based on the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR), as well as the recommendations of WHO, DGE and My Plate.

The average energy requirement for you in particular can vary depending on where you are in the treatment of your eating disorder. Therefore, it is important that you agree with your therapist on exactly how much YOU need to eat per day to stay healthy, so that you can choose the right size of Mealsizer.


Download additional information for Mealsizer, developed by the professional care for eating disorders:

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