Mealsizer® - a tool for portion control regardless OF goals

Keeping track of eating well and eating varied is a threshold for many. Many people have a hard time understanding how large the portions should be and how the different parts of the meal should be balanced. Mealsizer® is a unique tool that can help you to eat balanced and in moderate amounts for a healthier life.

Mealsizer® is a tool for everyone who wants to be in control of their weight, whether it is about losing, gaining or maintaining weight, and who wants an easier way than weighing the different ingredients of the meal and counting calories. You can use Mealsizer for basically all diets and adapt your use to your specific goals.

With Mealsizer you can get an understanding of how much you should eat and of what should be included in a meal. The measures give a normal sized portion of a lunch or dinner and makes it easy to put that portion of cooked food on the plate.

The sizes of the Mealsizer® measures have been calculated by a licensed dietitian in order to provide a normal portion for a person who uses a normal amount of energy, based on the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR), as well as the recommendations of WHO, DGE and My Plate. The average woman’s daily energy requirement is 2100 kcal, while for the average man the equivalent figure is 2700 kcal per day. But we do not need to eat that exact amount of calories every day. Some days we can eat more, on other days less. It all depends on how physically active we are. It is the energy balance over an extended period of time that is the most important thing.

Find out more below about how you can use Mealsizer for your specific needs.

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