Mealsizer® and childrens energy needs

Children have greater energy requirements than adults in relation to their body size, since children need energy for growth. Infants, who usually triple their weight during the first year of life, need the most energy in relation to their weight. The need for energy per kilogram of body weight then gradually decreases so that around the age of 18, it is in line with the adult’s energy needs.
If you want to use Mealsizer® for your child, we recommend you to have simultaneous contact with a dietician or other health care  at the same time, so you can get advice on what is best for your child. For children, either Mealsizer® Small (1500 kcal/day) or Mealsizer® Medium (2100 kcal/day) is recommended, depending on your child’s age and gender.
In the table below (retrieved from the Swedish National Food Agency) you can see reference values for children’s energy intake, based on the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations. Note that the values are only approximate. Just as for adults, children’s energy needs are individual and depend on several different factors, including how active the child is, growth, weight and basic energy needs. There is no formula that can calculate a child’s exact energy needs.
In the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations you can read more about what you should consider when it comes to your child’s nutritional intake.

Reference values for energy intake*

(Approximate values rounded to nearset whole value)

2 years9901070
3 years11901260 
4 years1330 1410 
5 years1400 1490 
6 years1460 1560 
7 years1540 1680 
8 years1620 1740 
9 years1700 1830 
10 years1980 2140 
11 years2000 2130 
12 years2090 2250 
13 years2190 2390 
14 years2270 2570 
15 years2340 2760 
16 years2370 2910 
17 years 23903030 

*The table is adapted from the Swedish National Food Agency, based on the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations.


Download EXTRA INFORMATION for Mealsizer, developed by health care professionals within obesity treatment for children: