In-between-meals/snacks with Mealsizer®

Besides lunch and dinner, that you eat with the Mealsizer measures, you also need to eat a healthy breakfast and 2-3 snacks/in-between meals to reach estimated calorie intake for a day when eating with Mealsizer®. This is so that you feel long time saturation all day. Don’t skip any meal, then you’ll be hungry! Feel free to eat fruit for snacks, possibly supplement with something rich in protein such as cottage cheese or yogurt.

The snacks/inbetween meals during a day with Mealsizer should together provide 15-20% of the daily total energy intake. For a woman with normal physical activity and an energy requirement of 2,100 kcal/day, this means that the snacks/inbetween meals (2-3 per day), should contain on average 150-200 kcal/snack.

If you want to lose weight with Mealsizer, you should avoid buying home chips, sweets, soft drinks and coffee bread. If you are invited to coffee or goodies: Take a small, small bite. Confess your weakness for a particular food! Eat something more healthy: Replace sandwiches with hard bread and soft cheese. Replace ice cream with a low-fat smoothie. Pre-peeled carrots can be good to have in readiness when you get the urge to chew on something.

If you need help choosing a healthy breakfast, you can use the columns below and from there choose 1 source from the respective column below, or combine half from 2 different sources (can be from different columns).


Low-fat milk (4 dl)

Whole milk (2,5 dl)

Natural Low-fat yoghurt (4 dl)

Natural yoghurt 3% (2,5 dl)

Cream cheese/Cottage cheese 1,5% (2 dl)

Cream cheese/Cottage cheese 4% (1,5 dl)

Low-fat quark 1% (2 dl)

Egg (2 st)

Hard cheese 10% (4 slices)

Makerell in tomatoe sauce (75 g)

Natural tofu (100 g)


Porridge (1 dl grains)

Basic muesli (1 dl)

Muesli fruit & nuts (0,75 dl)

Hard bread (3 pieces)

Grain bread (2 slices)

Fruit (2 pieces)

Berries (unlimited)

Vegetables (funlimited)

Dried fruit (0,5 dl)

Avocado (0,5 piece)

Nuts (0,5 dl)

Seeds (2 tbsp)

Butter/margarine (1 tbsp)

Nutbutter (1 tbsp)

Vegetable spread (1 tbsp)

Oliveoil (1 tbsp)

Kokosfett (1 tbsp)

Hard cheese 31% (2 slices)

Hummus (75 g)

Quark 10% (1 dl)

Whole-fat yoghurt (1 dl)

(for eg.  greek or turkish yoghurt)

Nutrition boost

Sprouts (unlimited)

Sunflower sprouts (unlimited)

Berries (1 dl)

Fruit (1 dl)

Seeds (1 tbsp)

Chopped nuts (1 tbsp)

Vegetables (1 fist)

Dried fruit/berries (1 tbsp)

Fresh herbs (unlimited)

Green letters (unlimited

Source: Above is adapted from the Swedish weight loss and gym chain, Itrim, and their hand/fist method, which is a great way to choose a good breakfast when eating with Mealsizer.

Here are some suggestions for in-between meals/snacks:

1. Natural yogurt with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, apple, cinnamon or berries (possibly a teaspoon of vanilla powder or Agave syrup).

2. A smoothie

3. Cottage cheese with berries

4. Vegetable rods with dips made on sour cream with tomato sauce

5. An omelet: whisk 2 eggs + 1/2 cup water + a little salt

6. A banana

7. A mashed avocado, a little sour cream, chopped tomato and any spice you like

8. An egg on a brown hard sandwich + vegetable you like

9. A jar of mackerel in tomato sauce + vegetables

10. A pan steak or chicken fillet on a brown hard sandwich + vegetables

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