The right amount of - vegetables - for portion control

The largest measure is for vegetables.

With the vegetable measure you ensure that you receive a sufficient amount of the most important vegetables. Vary between different kinds of vegetables and root crops. This is the only measure that gives you a MINIMUM amount to eat, which means that you can add more vegetables if you want. You can choose the vegetables you like the most, both raw and cooked. Fill the measure with vegetables, right up to the rim. Then place the vegetables onto your plate.

Always use the vegetable measure to get a balance in your meal and to ensure that you get a minimum of vegetables, even when eating combined dishes such as lasagna, fish gratin or soup-dishes that are not ideally suited for Mealsizer®. However, once you have used the Mealsizer® measures for a while, when preparing your meals, you will learn what a reasonable portion looks like. This will help you to serve moderate sized portions of combined dishes like for example lasagna onto your plate. Always start by adding vegetables with the vegetable measure on the plate when serving. Then use the rest of the space that is left on the plate to add a decent portion of, for example, lasagna.

Bulb vegetables like onion, garlic and shallot

Cabbage like cauliflower, broccoli and artichoke

Leafed vegetables like sprouts, spinach and salad

Legumes like chickpeas, green peas, lentils and beans

Root crops like carrots, celery and beetroot

Vegetable fruits like tomatoes, cucumber and squash

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