Long-term weight control with Mealsizer®

Mealsizer® is recommended and used by Dieticians, Diabetes Nurses, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists and personal Trainers, as well as by Obesity and Eating disorder Clinics, and before/after Bariatric surgery.

SIMON SKÖLDSwedish MMA fighter, Fitness coach and author of the books "Training for Lazy Worms" & "Food for Lazy Worms"
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Simon Sköld, MMA fighter & Fitnes coach, thinks that "Mealsizer® is an awesome product that everyone should have in their kitchen to easily help you to eat a balanced diet in the right amount, without any fuss! Perfect when you mealprep, to get the right content. Or if you just want to eat the same as the rest of the family, but stil have portion control, without weighing your food or counting calories."
Mimmi Kapell
Mimmi KapellSwedish certified personal trainer
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Mimmi inspires, pushes & supports people daily to a healthier lifestyle through exercise and diet, both online and in her Stockholm-based studio. She thinks that "Mealsizer® is an awesome product, because many people have a hard time knowing how much certain amounts are and how to eat the right amounts". As a mother of two small children, she also knows that time can be short, and she does not believe in spending time on weighing food. Therefore, she thinks that "Mealsizer is a perfect tool to keep track of what you eat, in a simple way, to consume balanced and in the right amounts. Regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight, keep, or to gain weight. "
MADELEINE RYBECKSwedish personal trainer, nutritionist & running coach with a focus on sustainable health for women
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Madeleine builds strong women from the inside out and advocates sustainable health without diets and bans. She believes that Mealsizer is a perfect tool for those who find it complicated or are fed up with counting calories! Simple, fast and it becomes very clear how much energy you need based on what lifestyle you have. She thinks it feels safe and very good that Mealsizer is developed together with a licensed dietitian, based on Nordic nutritional recommendations and the plate model (also confirms with DGE and the WHO recommendations)- "no strange diets just normal food in the right amounts!"
SABINA DUFBERGPersonal trainer known from the tv-show Biggest Loser, lecturer and author of several training books
"Mealsizer® is an awesome easy-to-use tool for everyone to help you to eat more balanced and in the right amounts, without having to weigh or count", Sabina Dufberg, thinks, personal trainer known from Biggest Loser. "I let my children use the measures themselves to teach them early portion control - and suddenly they find it fun to portion and no problem at all with the vegetable-measure being the biggest measure".
JENNIE KÅREBLOMSwedish inspiration, recipe creator & cookbook author
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"Many of us who are or have been overweight have problems with portion size. Then Mealsizer® is a great tool for finding back to the right portion size again," Jennie says. She has made a fantastic weight journey herself, and today inspires others through her Instagram profile vvmattranning, and her her magical lean recipes and cookbooks. She is often asked how to know how big a moderate portion should be - with Mealsizer she thinks it is easy to see this, while still being able to enjoy good food in a reasonable amounts.
ÅSE FALKMAN FREDRIKSSON - 56KILO.SEDietary advisor, food writer, recipe creator and author of several cookbooks
Åse Falkman Fredriksson, who runs Sweden's largest food and lifestyle blog focusing on healthy low carb diets (LCHF), thinks that "The good thing about Mealsizer® is that it works for all diets - it is a perfect complement to my recipes! The reason why many who want to lose weight with LCHF don't get the result they want, it is simply because of too large portions" - This is where Mealsizer comes handy!
Christina Schollin
Christina SchollinFamous Swedish actress
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"With Mealsizer® I can eat and enjoy ordinary food that I love, but in moderation amounts. A great advantage is that you avoid yo-yo effects that often come with special diets, where you first lose weight and then quickly gain it again. With Mealsizer instead you get long-term weight control and sustainability - in addition, you get to enjoy the food you love without restrictions! "
Milena Larmann
Milena LarmannGerman nutritionist, food blogger & cookbook author
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Milena Larmann, also known for her instagram account @milenasrezept, is often told that people find it difficult to count calories, but if they don't, many are also afraid of eating too much. Milena thinks that Mealsizer® is a great, and easier, alternative to counting calories, but stil to be able to keep track of how much you eat: ⁠ "With Mealsizer you get a good indication of how much vegetables, carbohydrates and protein your meal should consist of."

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